News & Media / 16 February 2023

An article in “La Stampa” dedicated to IT issues and cyber security in Maina

“Train the employees and then trust in their loyalty”

A company with a business turnover in 2022 reaching €50 million and over 100 employees, its headquarters a perfect example of Industry 4.0 with last generation robots connected to the central company functions, sure requires a complex information network.

The recovery plan has been implemented to retrieve the access and functionality of the IT infrastructure in case of cyber attacks or natural disasters and as protection against leakage of confidential information. All the ongoing activity is being saved in weekly backups on several servers disconnected from the main network and located outside the facility.

Further protection means include the antivirus and firewall cluster continuous monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic, the double authentication system assuring the email privacy and shielding from potential false identity issues, one-time password for the visitors using free wi-fi.

For contexts of wide public events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, as for instance the upcoming Metec Duesseldorf exhibition, Maina has adopted a 256-bit data encryption for remote desktops.