135 years of tradition and innovation.

1886 – Carlo MAINA starts the activity as a manufacturer of oenological machines and devices for the local needs, and as a repair shop for bicycles and sewing machines.

1917 – On February 28th, Carlo’s four children (Fedele, Modesto, Benvenuto and Erminia) set up the Company as general partnership FRATELLI MAINA DI CARLO and acquire a new head office.
1919 – The cast-iron foundry and the cast-iron pulley production begin operating.
1925 – The Company enlarges its own production by realizing industrial plant motorization and material handling systems.

1950 – The production of gear couplings starts.
1965 – The first gear spindles for rolling mills are designed and produced.

1981 – The management of the Company passes on to the third generation. A complete reorganization of the production department is carried out with the purchase of modern CNC machines and equipment, while the sales and technical departments are developed and strengthened.
1982 – The foundry is closed, the study of the universal shaft product begins and the sales activity starts expanding abroad.
1984 – The production of universal shafts and gear reducers starts.

1994 – The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification by Det Norske Veritas is achieved. The family’s fourth generation joins the Board of Directors.
1997 – The production of large-size and high-load universal shafts begins.

2004 – The company acquires a strategic position in the international markets, by completing its transformation from leading company within the domestic market into leading-role company of the global market.

2009 – The Company invests in research and development on products designed for new fields of application.

2010 – New products, or complementary to the existing ones, are added to the production range: disc couplings, universal gear joints for high speed trains, slipper spindles and safety devices.

2011 – The Company obtains the patent for the Hydro-Safe device.

2016 – The Company significantly strengthened its position on Asian market by supplying critical products to the key steel producers replacing historical competitors. Since then, Maina continues to show stable growth of its market share in Asia.

2020 – The Company implements “shot-peening” in U-shafts production. Therefore, Maina cardan shafts become even more reliable and long-lasting.

2021 – Production of updated and improved version of Hydro-safe® coupling. Now they are more accurate than ever.