A high-quality customer care put our actions and goals on the right track pre and after-sales assistance

The company offers its customers a full assistance service, and more precisely:

  • Preliminary assistance on the product selection;
  • Highest flexibility in realizing special products, so to meet any specific application requirement;
  • Product installation assistance;
  • Maintenance assistance;
  • Customers training programs, for the staff in charge of assembly and periodical maintenance services;
  • Solution of application problems existing on the plants.



The company has developed an in-house procedure of functional repair on products working for a certain period.
The initial check on the product to be repaired is made by our Quality Control Department who, together with our Engineering Department, elaborate the pertaining Inspection Report, listing the operations to be made.
By defining a contract of Global Service with MAINA, customers will get the benefit of:

  • Disregarding the maintenance of these products, thus completely eliminating any internal running cost;
  • Achieving the target of reducing any operational costs, while working out the year maintenance cost budget;
  • Repair operations made by highly experienced personnel who has a deep knowledge of the product, of its technology, of the repair procedures aimed to assure the best final result;
  • Having main spare components available at MAINA’s, thus saving the customer from any further charge of inventory.