News & Media / 16 February 2023

Collaboration of Maina with Castigliano Technical Institute

The internships and work-based learning opportunities offered by Maina in collaboration with Castigliano Technical Institute to young adults.

Three students have been granted the possibility to conclude their fifth year of studies attending both the institute and the factory applying their knowledge in the field. The teaching staff and the company owner explained focal points of the agreement: the students work on apprenticeship contact basis with an orderly salary, the total duration of the project launched in October is 1100 hours of which 640 hours at school and the rest in the field. It is not easy to match school and work, as one of the guys confesses, but the fatigue is worth it. What the students especially appreciate is the possibility to work with the most advance machinery, otherwise not always available in the institute, and of course facing the real-world work environment, of which they unanimously note the rare family climate not easy to find. The trainees have been assigned a tutor inside the company who acts as an interface between the employer and the institute. The experience of the pathfinders will be of indisputable use and interest also for other students in the coming years.